Build And Create

Longterm Investment Horizon


Build And Create

Longterm Investment Horizon

We invest in Society.

BC8 is an independent investment vehicle focusing on companies providing essential services to society.

We participate with a long term investment view and is not exit-driven. This allows companies with an industrial vision to grow and execute their strategy at their own pace, keeping the corporate culture intact.

BC8 builds market leading platforms via investing in or alongside ambitious entrepreneurs.

Our team will actively provide M&A support (identification & execution) allowing our partners to realise external growth without losing focus on their core activity.

A good cooperation between shareholders and management is key for a successful investment. In order to achieve this we focus on full transparency (both ways) and a short but informal communication line.

We don’t believe in “Jack-of-all-trades” but in giving freedom and ownership supported by a sounding board on various areas if needed. With real operational experience both in Belgium and internationally (Europe, South-East Asia, Latin-America, USA, Russia and the Middle-East) we can offer more than pure financial/board experience.


We focus on companies providing essential services to society through all or one of their main business lines with high barriers to entry, generating predictable and stable cashflows:

  • Healthcare services
  • Social care services
  • Accredited inspection and certification services
  • Transport services
  • Telecom infrastructure services

We are open to no/slow-growth situations when there is sufficient downturn protection.

We focus on companies located in Western Europe preferably with an EBITDA ≤ €25m.



BC8 S.P.R.L.

Brussels Office:
Avenue Louise 523
(2nd floor – Silversquare)

London Office:
17 And 19 Maddox Street
(5th Floor)